Kula, Maui, Hawai`i

Mr. and Mrs. G. lived in California, and planned to retire on Maui. They purcased a lot in Kula, found ARCHITECTS MAUI here on the internet, flew over and arranged for the design of their dream home.


FrDr-dn1Det1y.jpg (742146 bytes)

We took it from dream...



FrDr-dn1Det1.jpg (307680 bytes)

... to reality.



Hot luck.

Now the G's have all the elements. They have fire.



Okole maluna.

They have water.



Happy days.

And they have the wind beneath their wings.

Soon native Hawaiian landscaping will surround them.

(More photos to come.)


Some Other Recent Work

The Fairground Building

 Waiola Church Hale `Ai

Keawala`i Church Floor Renovation

ARCHITECTS MAUI - Bank of Hawaii Lobby

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The Birdsnest Farm Office Building

The Fairgrounds Building, Kahului

Waiola Church Hale 'Ai Building

Keawala`i Congregational Church Floor Restoration

The Bank of Hawaii, Kahului Branch Projects

Recent Residential Work

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