The Fairgrounds Building

Kahului, Maui, Hawai`i




This 8000 square foot retail/office project was efficiently fit onto a small site, surrounded by (now lush) Hawaiian landscaping. To accommodate the owner's program for

  • an open, flexible layout;

  • reasonably low initial cost; and

  • an appearance which was reminiscent of earlier Hawaiian commercial architecture;

ARCHITECTS MAUI designed old-time traditional facades around a stock, pre-engineered, steel-framed, 'Butler'-building warehouse structure. This allowed for a large-span low-cost open plan and well-protected exterior walkways.

The building has received rave reviews from the public, and was featured in an article in the American Institute of Architect's 'Hawaii Architect' magazine.


Some Other Recent Work

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The Birdsnest Farm Office Building

Waiola Church Parish Hall Building

Keawala`i Congregational Church Floor Restoration

The Bank of Hawaii, Kahului Branch Projects

Recent Residential Work

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