The Bank of Hawaii
Kahului Branch Remodeling Projects

Kahului, Maui, Hawai`i


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ARCHITECTS MAUI was asked to design an interior renovation using 'system furnishings' to revitalize the Lobby and bank 'platform' areas, and provide the branch with a networked state-of-the-art computer information system. Hawaiian-theme artwork and a 'tapa' queuing rail help to remind customers that they are in the Bank of HAWAII.


Architects Maui - A good fit.


After the successful Lobby remodeling, ARCHITECTS MAUI was hired for a follow-up project to provide additional support space to the building. The goals of the utilitarian "back-of-house" addition were to blend in with the existing structure while supplying inexpensive secure space for the needed functions. These goals were met with the simple addition shown above.  Unlike many architectural assignments, this is an example of a project intended to be relatively inconspicuous.


Some of Our Recent Work

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The Fairgrounds Building, Kahului

Waiola Church Parish Hall Building

Keawala`i Congregational Church Floor Restoration

The Birdsnest Farm Office Building

Recent Residential Work

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